This is a crypto currency mining + staking site.

Company is

We are a company that develops a variety of platforms.
We have developed coins that work with all the platforms we own and develop.


Tamago can automatically mining for 1000 days for those who purchase a package plan.
The services of our various platforms and the platforms of our various partners will be provided sequentially.

Features of MyCoinGet



state-of-the-art coin

TAMAGO is an BEP20-based coin created using ERC and a combination of mining and staking.

Binance Smart Chain(BSC) base

BSC has mature security performance, processing power, and various resistance.

Various services

Many and unspecified individuals and businesses can transfer tokens from digital devices such as mobile and PC, and can be used as certificates of value exchange and payment for various services.

Used on various platforms

TAMAGO has all kinds of uses, and there is actual demand that can be used on the various platforms of our company, as well as on the platforms of various affiliated companies.

Secure Asset Management

Since 50% of the operating income will be used for buyback burn, it will be possible to safely manage assets, leading to an increase in earnings.

CEO's Greetings

Weisheng Huang

Graduated from Tianjin University of Science and Technology
Certified Software Architect
IT Industry 12 Years
Three languages available: Chinese, Japanese, and English


I am Weisheng Huang, CEO of MyCoinGet.
I would like to share my experience and knowledge with you throughout my company over 12 years of experience in the IT industry.
We have a large number of employees with diverse technicians and experience, not just me.
While I was thinking about how to make many platforms that I developed with those employees into one business, I decided to develop TAMAGO which can connect all of them.
All platforms are currently in the development stage, and will be announced sequentially as soon as the inspection and update are completed.
Join My Coin Get and receive your TAMAGO!

History of development and activities

Large Enterprise Systems Engineer
Participated in many PM's for large system construction
FX Automated Trading Program (EA) Developed
AI Trade Development
Development of automatic binary option trading program
development of virtual currency coins
Crypto currency exchange development
Crypto currency exchange automatic transaction bot development


Revenue Usage plan


Buyback Burn

Buyback Burn


Platform management and development

Platform operation and development costs and operating fund for ecosystem maintenance and expansion


Marketing cost

Marketing expenses such as advertising and exchange listing fees for attracting customers


Owned by developers and operating teams

Owned by developers and operating teams




MyCoinGet Project Starts
Opening of official website
Start of TAMAGO mining
Contracted AINORI Management Partnership
Contracted Binary Option Partnership



Added TAMAGO staking function
Opening of Japanese Marketing Market
Exchange listing
Launch of various staking coins
Started marketing in the Korean market



Yield Farming
Listing on multiple major exchanges
Landing Start
Binary option available
world's largest exchange listing



China Market Marketing Begins
Top 20 target market capitalization


Company-owned exchange
Distributed DEX Exchange OPEN
US, EU World Cities Place marketing begins

List of official communities